Images from the Deep Field, 2014

January 2014
Carolyn Branecky zip-tying cables in the field. PI's Drs. Slawek Tulaczyk and Susan Schwartz in the background

Images from the WISSARD deep field camp 2014. Scientists and traverse and drill teams working in the field installing geophysics equipment on the Ross Ice Shelf. Few images made it through the internet gauntlet; the ones that have were taken and transmitted by Chad Carpenter, a member of the WISSARD drill team.

Photo Gallery: 
Chief Driller Dennis Duling melting water for drill operation at WISSARD drill site 2A, 2014, Ross Ice Shelf
Kevin Fueling Up.
Kevin from the traverse team managing the hoses,at WISSARD drill sites 2014, Ross Ice Shelf.
Neil Foley working on the winch, at WISSARD drill sites 2014, Ross Ice Shelf.
Moving snow! at the WISSARD drill site 1B 2014, Ross Ice Shelf
Part of the WISSARD-lite team on the way to the deep field to meet the traverse. January 2014. Dennis Duling, Chad Carpenter, Daniel Sampson, Daren Blythe, Julie Raine, Jeff Lemery, Graham Roberts, Susan Schwartz.
Hoses into the melter with camp equipment in the background.
Geophysics field team 2014